Definitions for "Anti-Virus program"
Keywords:  viruses, delete, virus, prompts, detect
A program that scans your computer, files, email attachments for viruses. Usually when a virus is found the program deletes it or prompts the user with several options. Most web hosting companies offer anti-virus for email as almost all of the computer viruses today use email to spread out.
An application program you run to detect or eliminate a computer virus or infection. Some anti-virus programs are terminate-and-stay-resident programs that can detect suspicious activity on your computer as it happens, while others must be run periodically as part of your normal housekeeping activities.
Software that monitors the files already on your computer and inspects any new data that you download over the internet, including email. They allow you to either kill the virus or delete the file if a virus is detected.
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an example of a good TSR
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a high-tech equivalent of a bailing-pump
an application that is supposed to check the files integrity on your disks and to filter all executed code (preferably user and system code) in order to allow only what is allowed and block the rest
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a good start, but you can't stop there