Definitions for "Trojan horse"
a large hollow wooden horse built by Greek soldiers besieging Troy during the Trojan War, and left as a "gift" when they pretended to abandon their seige. It was taken into the city by the Trojans, and Greek soldiers concealed inside came out and opened the gates to the city, enabling the capture of the city by the Greeks.
Hence, any thing or person which appears harmless but is designed to destroy or attack from within. It may sometimes refer to a group; -- see also fifth column.
A computer program designed to evade the security precautions within a computer system and perform illicit operations, or to do malicious damage, and often designed to look like a different kind of program, such as a game, archiver, or directory lister. This term is not applied to a program that replicates itself, such as a virus.
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an "apparentl
a dangerous thing, no matter how benign a name it carries
an item or an event that is made to look like ONE thing, but in reality is a cover for something else
a piece of software that presents itself as being one thing, while in reality is another
an offensive and deceptive device -- By far the most asked-for MS-Lotus interop topic is Sharepoint, VS and Domino
pregnant/ having an affair/ bent on conquest/ treacherous/ bringing unpleasant in-laws
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a piece of software code which doesn't intend to damage its host computer, but has another goal
an application that appears useful but includes code that is damaging. Remote Access Trojan (RAT) and Trojan code are also used.
A computer code designed to have remote control over other computers.
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See Backdoor
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In Greek mythology, there is a story about the Trojan War. This war lasted ...
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