Definitions for "root kit"
Keywords:  sniff, intruder, logins, keyboard, hide
a set of software tools frequently used by a third party (usually an intruder) after gaining access to a computer system
a set of tools/programs used by an intruder after a succesful intrusion into a system
a set of tools used after cracking a computer system that hide logins , processes , and logs as well as usually sniff terminals , connections, and the keyboard
a hacker technology, for installing hostile programs on your system, while they remain undetected and trick the system into making it look like nothing at all is going on
a "kit" consisting of small and useful programs that allow an attacker to maintain access to " root ," the most powerful user on a computer
an assembly of programs that subverts the Windows operating system at the lowest levels, and, once in place, cannot be detected by conventional means
a set of trojaned system applications to help mask a compromise and facilitate unauthorized remote access
a very dangerous Trojan
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a collection of