Definitions for "BACK ORIFICE"
A program that enables illegal users to access and control a machine remotely. It installs itself on a machine as a server (see Trojan Horse) and enables the illegal user to control that machine using the Back Orifice client. Using this mechanism, the illegal user can gain access to all of the files, passwords and other sensitive information stored on that machine.
Back Orifice is a program developed and released by The Cult of the Dead Cow (cDc). It is not a virus; it is a remote administration tool with potential for malicious misuse. If installed by a hacker, it has the ability to give a remote attacker full system administrator privileges to your system. It can also 'sniff' passwords and confidential data and quietly e-mail them to a remote site. Back Orifice is an extensible program - programmers can change and "enhance" it over time.
A program that installs itself on a machine as a server, allowing a user with the Back Orifice client to control the host remotely. Back Orifice is a Trojan horse that can be unknowingly installed through seemingly harmless executables. After it is installed, an outside party can access all files, system passwords, keystrokes, and other confidential information—to further compromise the network.