Definitions for "botnet "
Keywords:  zombie, malware, irc, spam, hacker
BotNet is a library written in C, intended to assist in development of an IRC bot . It provides an easy-to-use model of communication with the IRC server by giving you string-sending functions and by returning messages from the IRC server into events to your application's main.
A collection of "zombies" used to send spam or for another purpose. A single botnet often contains hundreds or thousands of computers.
a collection of compromised machines controlled remotely via IRC (Internet Relay Chat) channels to send spam or launch denial-of-service attacks
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Keywords:  crapload, net, programs
a net (a crapload) of bots (programs)
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Features include: authentication, channel control, a full-featured Memo system, a Seen system, logging capabilities, a help system, the ability to act as a file sharing node and the ability to share data and perform functions together with other bots.
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a term used when you link to or more bots together