Definitions for "Hacking"
Hacking means illegally accessing other people's computer systems for destroying, disrupting or carrying out illegal activities on the network or computer systems.
involves the attempt by individuals to break through online security for fun or profit (p. 97)
Unauthorized use, or attempts to circumvent or bypass the security mechanisms of an information system or network.
Practice of raising animals in captivity, acclimating them to natural conditions and then releasing them into the wild (referred to in regard to bald eagles).
The practice of exploiting weakness in software or systems. more.
In wildlife management, the technique of rearing young birds in the wild by human hand, in the absence of their parents, with the hope that after the young fledge and reach adulthood, they will return to breed in their natal site. In Ligonier, PA, a group of sportsman color-banded 25 Purple Martin nestlings and tried hacking them. The following year, only one returned, but didn't remain at the natal site to breed. Hacking is not a practical technique for establishing new martin colony sites since most martin nestlings disperse from their natal sites to breed, and because they need 7-10 days of intensive "tutoring" from their parents after fledging before they can reach independence.
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Stacking brick to fire in a kiln.
1. The procedure of stacking brick in a kiln or on a kiln car. 2. Laying brick with the bottom edge set in from the plane surface of the wall.
Laying masonry units so that the bottom edge is set back from the plane surface of the wall.
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What you dont want to do! Term used to describe bad Paintless Dent Repairs
Intimidation, overhandling, excessive repetition of a command.
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kicking an opponent's legs.
when a player hits an opponent on the hand or forearm while trying to knock the ball away. This results in a personal foul.
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a grim but useful ability
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A feature that stops the second hand when the stem is pulled out as far as it will go. This allows you to set the exact time.
Describes the feature of a movement whereby the seconds hand can be stopped for exact setting of the time. Originally a military term for this feature.
(examples of network security vulnerability)
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Scarring the face of a surface to provide key for an applied finish such as plaster.
deliberate non-approved alteration of data
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hacking movement and hackers, a short introduction
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Hardware History