Definitions for "Honeypot"
a system designed to appear vulnerable to attack. When an attacker accesses a honeypot, the honeypot tries to create the illusion that the attacker is successfully evading detection, while actually he is being watched.
A host or network with known vulnerabilities deliberately exposed to a public network. Honeypots are useful in studying attackers' behavior and also in drawing attention away from other potential targets.
A trap set to lure spammers or hackers to an open machine so the administrator can learn its system's vulnerabilities.
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a reasonably inexpensive way of putting in a burglar alarm," says Craig Allen, managing director of managed security service provider, Virtual Offis
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South African shrub whose flowers when open are cup- or goblet-shaped resembling globe artichokes
an email address hidden in the page somewhere where no one will click on it, but email harvesters will still capture it
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a computer that has been setup to look like a complex network of servers and sometimes workstations
a service (program or server), which is installed in a network
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a serious project, and should be treated as such
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a great way to test security