Definitions for "IPS"
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ron ipe ize (OD). Same as NPS. Standard pipe threads. Also Internal Pipe Swivel connection (female).
Iron Pipe threaded. The most common sizes are 3/8" and 1/2"
Iron Pipe Supply
1) Input to Store 2) Intelligent Power Switches
In Plane Switching. Wide viewing angle technology pioneered by Hitachi; both pixel electrodes are manufactured on array plate
A technique of improving the viewing angle of an LCD where the liquid crystal molecules are switched in the plane of the LCD layer rather than vertical to it.
Investment Policy Statement. More detailed than a KYC form, an IPS is a plan that guides long-term financial and investment decisions. It generally includes investment objectives (return requirements and risk tolerance), constraints (cash requirements and timing issues) and guidelines for achieving an investor's objectives.
Instrument Positioning System.
Impulse Power System. The Newtonian STL drive used on board Federation starships.
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Inches per second. A measurement of print speed that measures the number of inches of media that is printed each second.
Plotter speed measured in inches per second
(inches per second) refers to the speed of tape across the recording head of a tape recorder. For reel-to-reel audio tape, the professional recording speed is 15 IPS. The faster the tape speed, the more saturation of signal on the tape, thus higher fidelity of sound.
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Ionospheric Prediction Service
Individualized Prescriptive Strategy. A predictive control model process that forecasts student achievement in Math Concepts and Skills (MCS) or Reader's Workshop (RW) on the basis of data gathered from the student's interaction with the course.
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Infoprint Server
INTEGRATED PROGRAM SUMMARY. DoD component document prepared and submitted to the milestone decision authority in support of Milestone I, II, III, and IV reviews. It concisely highlights the status of a program and its readiness to proceed into the next phase of the acquisition cycle.
Image Parameter Set: a data record derived from a DIVA window, containing e.g. centroid coordinates, a brightness measure, duplicity indications etc.
Indigenous Peoples Secretariat
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Interrupt/Interrupt Request (IRQ) ISA
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Bittree specific, a single patch panel having video, audio and possibly data patch points. Especially useful in edit bays where all signal types are present, but there may not be the need or space for a separate panel for each type. J-M
Institutional Protection Services
Institute of Psychosynthesis
The Institute of Pacific Studies.
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Internet Protocol Suite: the standard for URLs, alphabetical form of domain names. For an example, go to:
Impact-resistant polystyrene
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Indian Police Service
Interconnect and Packaging Sciences
Independent Parental Supporter
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Image Print Server
Information Provider Services