Definitions for "Data rate"
The speed at which data is transferred, as in bytes per second. Also called bit rate. For example, the speed to download or stream a video file over the Internet, or the speed at which the file must play from a hard disk. When you create a video or audio file, you can specify the target bit rate at which the file will be played. Also called bit rate. See also bandwidth.
Also called throughput. The higher the data rate of your video capture, the lower the compression and the higher the video quality. The higher the datarate, the faster your hard drives must be.
The amount of information that can be sent down a channel in a given time. In analog systems, data rate is measured in terms of bandwidth. In digital systems, it is measured in bits per second.
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Amount of information of a digital signal.
The conventional (base 10) number system comprising 10 digits from zero to nine. Contrasts with the base 2 or binary system employed in computing, contain only the two digits 0 and 1.
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amount of data in a particular space of time