Definitions for "BANDWITH"
Keywords:  hertz, bps, bandwidth, kaet, spectrum
Refers to the amount of data that can pass through a transmission channel while transmitting data from one computer to another in a given period of time. The normal metric for the bandwidth is 'bits per second'(bps), it is also known as the maximum data transfer rate.
This is the monthly measurement of data coming in and out of the server, and specifically your website. Sites are given a guide amount of potential traffic they can receive. Bandwidth is measured in GB - gigabytes (1,000 megabytes), and is recorded/calculated when a file is downloaded. 1 GB of bandwidth as a guide provide approx 100,000 hits (which are individual file requests, i.e pictures, web pages, media) a month. Additional bandwidth can be added to your account on an ad-hoc basis.
The amount of spectrum a communication channel (analog or digital) uses, measured in hertz (Hz).
The information-carrying capacity of a network or connection.
The data transmission capacity of a network.
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The amount of data that can be transfered in a fixed amount of time.