Definitions for "Bitrate"
Keywords:  kilobits, rbit, wma, kbps, bps
The amount of data handled by an application per second. The higher the bitrate of a MP3 file the better the sound quality.
The binary digital rate is the number of bits used to express the sound frequency of an audio broadcast.
Is the speed in which data is transfered relative to bits. This is often expressed in bits per second or bits per minute.
The rate (in Mbit/s) for transmission of serial digital information.
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Motion compensation
The speed at which data travels from one place to another on a computer network, such as the Internet.
The standard measure of data transmission speeds.
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Measure of the information that is send, received, or processed. Bitrate is "expensive", thus, you typically want an Internet connection with a high bitrate, and applications that use a low Bitrate.