Definitions for "bandwidth "
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The maximum rate of information transfer (measured in bits/second) that can be carried by a communication channel.
The useable capacity of a network, normally measured in bits per second (bps)
The nformation carrying capacity of a communication channel.
The wavelength range or width characterizing a band of a multispectral sensor. For example, the bandwidth of a visible light band (0.38 to 0.8 micron boundaries) would be 0.42 microns.
The width of the passband or the stopband of a filter, normally referenced to the minimum insertion loss point in the passband. For example, the passband of a filter is normally stated as a -3 dB bandwidth and the stopband may be stated as a -40 dB bandwidth.
the width of a band. Units of nm etc. The effective bandwidth, is the width of the band at half-height.
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BER Blackberry Borneo bugs
The number of characters that may be downloaded or uploaded from your site each month
Bandwidth represents the total number of kilobytes that were sent to people visiting your site. Bandwidth includes all resources requested by the users.
Each time someone views a page on your site it has to be sent via telephony to their computer, similarly when you download or send e-mails from your domain, view web statistics etc. The amount of telephony resources (in Megabytes or Gigabytes) that is consumed is counted against your total bandwidth allowance.
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the total rate at which information can be passed down a telecommunications link. Applications such as basic email exchange require lower bandwidth than, for example, audio or video transmission.
Qualitative term describing the video amplifier's potential performance. The higher the pixel rate (or format number), the higher the bandwidth required of the video amplifier.
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Boston Consulting Group (BCG) approach Budgeted Cost of Work Performance (BCWP)
bandwidth is a benchmark to estimate the memory bandwidth of a system, including main memory, L1 and L2 caches, and framebuffer memory.
A term that translates time spent online into space used on the Net. It's a terrible thing to waste.
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bare metal restore BIOS (basic input/output system)
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BBS - Bulletin Board System Blended Learning
See "Proportional Band."
A symmetrical region around the set point in which proportional control occurs.
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Black hole list Broadband
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see our article on " Bandwidth Explained".
this is a term used to describe the actual transferring of images and coding for pages from our servers to your computers. Bandwidth is used up when someone draws either on a image from an outside server-such as using your banner on another board or signature pictures. And also when people view your board and use it.
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Ethernet MAN Server
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HTML Publishing
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Glossary of Terms
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HTML Server Error
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limited by the size of the stage
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What is bandwidth and how does it work