Definitions for "KPS"
ambiguous term for data rate meaning either ilobytes or ilobits er econd. See "KBps" and "kbps." Go back to the top of the page
KiloBytes per second. A unit of data rate measurements. A kilobit is 1/8th the size of a kilobyte.
(kilobytes per second) Data transmission speed. A byte is a unit of storage for a single character, which refers to letters, numbers, punctuation, etc. A kilobyte is equivalent to 1,024 bytes.
Komunisticka partija Slovenije Communist party of Slovenia
Karnofsky Performance Status. A standard way of measuring the ability of cancer patients to perform ordinary tasks. The Karnofsky Performance scores range from 0 to 100. A higher score means the patient is better able to carry out daily activities. KPS may be used to determine a patient's prognosis, to measure changes in a patient's ability to function, or to decide if a patient could be included in a clinical trial.
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