Definitions for "SOCKS"
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A protocol that handles TCP traffic through proxy servers. SOCKS acts like a simple firewall because it checks incoming and outgoing packets and hides the IP addresses of client applications.
A protocol for communication through a firewall or proxy server. The SOCKS protocol uses TCP/IP sockets for communication. SOCKS is supported by Navigator and IE and allows them to communicate through proxy servers and firewalls, assuming the user has proper privileges to do so.
SOCKS is an Internet toolkit that permits TCP-based applications to run on proxy servers.
n. "drumsticks to mallets transendimus inapinchimus" Extention used by Mike on a Legendary song by PHLUX. Small circulation of bootlegs of the song are said to exist.
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Solid white markings extending from the top of the hoof to the ankles.
White paws on a coloured cat
Socks (born c. 1991) was the pet cat of Bill Clinton and the Clinton family. After the Clintons left the White House, Socks was given to Clinton's secretary, Betty Currie.
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A sock is a baglike covering for the foot and/or lower leg, which is designed to ease chafing between the foot to keep the feet warm and absorb sweat from the feet. Sock lengths vary, from covering only the foot, to knee level
Hair on the feet to pasterns
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See Gauntlets
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