Definitions for "Gateway server"
A server designed to transform data streams to better match device capabilities. For example, Wireless Application Protocol gateway servers convert Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) to Wireless Markup Language for wireless devices, and a number of products can reformat HTML for devices such as mobile phones and personal digital assistants. Today, HTML-based gateway servers predominate. While HTML can be made aware of a unique device requesting content, more often "shadow" Web server applications are created to draw off and reformat the native content.
A gateway server is the link between two networks (such as between a local network site and the Internet). Each Internet site has a gateway server.
server computer that provides access to some computer external to the network. For example, a gateway server that connects an application server to a wireless client via a cellphone network.
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a system that acts as a bridge between the Internet and an intranet of local devices, allowing you to talk to and control any connected device
a single process and does not start background processes