Definitions for "Connection pooling"
A method of keeping a connection to a host open for many data transactions, instead of opening and closing a connection with each new request. Designed to reduce the response time between a request from a client browser and the display of the requested information on a Web page, connection pooling refers to the sharing of connections--which are listed in a connection pool--by applications. Connection pooling is enabled using the Host Access component of Host Publisher Studio. (See also connection pool.)
When your web site application is running, the number of simultaneous database connections your site requires will vary. IIS maintains a pool or array of active connections regardless of the activity of your site. This ensurs that whenever your load increases, the connections will be ready to use. This increases the performance of your web site.
A resource utilization and user scalability feature that enables you to maximize the number of sessions over a limited number of protocol connections to a shared server.