Definitions for "Spigot"
Keywords:  cask, faucet, peg, vent, pipe
A pin or peg used to stop the vent in a cask; also, the plug of a faucet or cock.
The plain end of a cast-iron pipe. The spigot is inserted into the bell end of the next pipe to make a water tight joint.
A type of fitting, essentially a section of pipe fused cleanly into a valve. This protruding pipe is then fused into the piping system. Usually found in high purity systems.
Keywords:  adaptor, lantern, upright, onto, bolt
An adaptor screwed onto the hanging bolt of an instrument to enable it to be used on an upright stand.
A small metal rod attached to a lantern to enable it to be fixed onto a stand.
A short cylindrical projection used to join metalwork.
Keywords:  shank, military, capped, stem, mount
Similar to the military mount but in which both the stem and shank are capped in metal.
Keywords:  spiders, ducts, abdomen, silk, glands
openings of the silk ducts of the silk glands located in the abdomen of the spider; spiders have different spigots for different types of silk glands