Definitions for "LANtern"
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Something inclosing a light, and protecting it from wind, rain, etc.; -- sometimes portable, as a closed vessel or case of horn, perforated tin, glass, oiled paper, or other material, having a lamp or candle within; sometimes fixed, as the glazed inclosure of a street light, or of a lighthouse light.
An open structure of light material set upon a roof, to give light and air to the interior.
A cage or open chamber of rich architecture, open below into the building or tower which it crowns.
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LANtern is a packet analyzer for Linux. It's written in C and released under the MIT license. It supports ARP, RARP, MPLS, IPv4 , and more.
Lantern is an album by Clogs, released in 2006.
A very attractive device that is suspended from a tree or pole. Upon ignition the device is driven into a spin by a spray of sparks that often change color. At the end the device drops open into a tasseled, rice paper Japanese or Chinese lantern. Also called Happy Lantern and Chinese Lantern.
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See Aristotle's lantern.
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A lantern pinion or trundle wheel. See Lantern pinion (below).
A kind of cage inserted in a stuffing box and surrounding a piston rod, to separate the packing into two parts and form a chamber between for the reception of steam, etc.; -- called also lantern brass.
a prominent feature projecting from the building's frontage
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A Java GUI application which allow users to test XPath expressions .
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See luminaire.
The original stage term for a luminaire.