Definitions for "Hoax"
A deception for mockery or mischief; a deceptive trick or story; a practical joke.
To deceive by a story or a trick, for sport or mischief; to impose upon sportively.
A program intended to scare users into thinking they have a virus.
The card being torn in half bears a picture of the Goldfish Fancier; the notation at the bottom reads "Requires Miracle" (which is presumably even worse than "Requires Illuminati Action and Discards"). Curiously, the picture resembles the one on the Goldfish Fanciers card more than it resembles any of the other appearances of this character (note the position of the character's hand just below the tear, which is consistent with Goldfish Fanciers but not with Nobel Peace Prize); however, the torn card is clearly a Plot rather than a Group. Evidently, this card is one that the Secret Masters do not choose to officially acknowledge at this time.... [BB,SMB
Keywords:  scare, tick, true, imaginary, threat
an imaginary threat, and it is not true
An e-mail that tries to scare people and is not true
Hoaxes usually arrive in the form of an e-mail designed to tick people into thinking there is some sort of security risk.
Keywords:  scam, willful
a willful scam
Keywords:  homeland, security
Keywords:  ruse, setup, something, appear
a ruse, a setup to appear as something as its not
Keywords:  weapon, perfect
a perfect weapon
Keywords:  lie, easily, exposed
a lie, but it can be easily exposed by