Definitions for "Bottleneck"
The point of minimum capacity along a highway segment.
A system capacity constraint that may reduce traffic during peak load conditions.
The point or operation that has the least capacity in a system or network, where no alternative routings exist.
a location or situation in which otherwise rapid progress is impeded.
same as obstruct; as, his laziness has bottlenecked our efforts to reform the system.
A facility, function, work station, department, etc., that impedes: - In production, e.g. a machine, work centre, or delivery station where jobs or parts arrive at a higher rate than can be processed. - Performance, e.g. a storage facility or distribution centre where parts arrive at a higher rate than the facility is able to transport or store, thus causing unwanted and sometimes unacceptable stock-piling.
A severe reduction in the size of a population such that only certain genes survive and come to characterize the descendant population.
A severe reduction in the size of a population, which limits the pool of allles that are passed on to future generations of the species.
a concentration of genes in very few individuals, compared to the number of individuals in the same lineage five generations ago, when the population was nearly five times or more its present size
a point at which road traffic slows due to congestion or narrowing of the roadway.
to become narrower as one approaches a point; -- said of roads; as, right by the bridge, the road bottlenecks.
A point in a computer or a network where things become congested and slow down.
an impasse.
a section of the track that becomes impassable for any reason, with the exception of check points
The slowest process in an executing program. This process determines the maximum speed of execution.
The slowest operation in a set of operations.
A cylindrical slide used primarily by blues guitarists.
both a style and a technique; mostly associated with blues guitar, it involves sliding a smooth metal, glass, or plastic bar or tube along the strings to create a "slurred" or "glissando" effect; the term originates from the days when blues musicians would use the broken neck of a bottle for the same purpose.
A technique for sliding a metal bar or tube along the strings to play notes and chords.
A passage or intersection in a Maze such that every solution to that Maze passes through it. Sealing off any bottleneck makes a Maze unsolvable. For perfect Mazes, the entire solution path is a bottleneck.
a location where people will tend to pass through or congregate
The root cause of poor system performance.
A place in the system where contention for a resource is affecting performance., , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , X, Y, , Symbols and Numerics Return to Glossary.
The delay in transmission of data, typically when a system's bandwidth cannot support the amount of information being relayed at the speed it is being processed. There are, however, many factors that can create a bottleneck in a system.
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A bottleneck is literally the neck of a glass or pottery bottle. An hourglass has a bottleneck at its mid-point whose diameter governs the time that granular contents of a given mass will take to pass through.
a location in the code that gets executed a large number of times, that take a long time to execute, or both
the part of a program that accounts for the majority of time. According to an apocryphal 90/10 rule, 90% of the time is spent in 10% of the code.
an area that has a limited allowance for the movement of trains through it
a node where packets are backlogged so that its transmission rate limits the rate of the connections that go through it
a single contention point that limits the total system performance
a local telephone network service, function or facility currently subject to some degree of monopoly control, that competitors cannot economically duplicate, but require access to in order to compete
A crack with converging sides. Good for placing tapers or other passive protection.
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In CICS, a symptom that characterizes a performance problem. It can be due to a task failing to start, failing to continue after starting, or taking a long time to complete.
Occurs when data passes through a port at a slower speed than the actual data transmission.
A software or hardware element that can degrade the performance of a device, or network.
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a narrowing that reduces the flow through a channel