Definitions for "Race condition"
a block diagram that reads from and writes to a global variable
a bug caused by an incorrect assumption as to the timing of two events, that is, that one event would always occur before the other
a bug that occurs when the outcome of a program depends on which of two or more threads reaches a particular block of code first
Keywords:  dfl, catcher, sig, subroutine, catching
For the signal subroutine, the condition in which the signal occurs while the signal action is set to the SIG_DFL value, and the signal-catching function has not yet established itself as the catcher for this signal.
a circumstance where you have two things that really need to happen sequentially, but don't
a state in a sequential system where two mutually-exclusive events are simultaneously initiated by a single cause
a programming version of gridlock
an example of an anti-pattern
an example of nondeterminism