Definitions for "Event handler"
An event handler is a JavaScript attribute that associates an object with an event. Events are actions that take place in a document, usually as a result of user activity, such as clicking on a button. Other events, such as loading a document, may not be as obvious. In order to allow us to define JavaScript event handlers as part of HTML object definitions, JavaScript extends HTML by adding new attributes to HTML tags. For example, note the onClick event handler in this FORM: FORM INPUT TYPE="button" VALUE="Click for the Date and Time" onClick="timer( )" /FORM The lowercase on as a prefix for the event, in this case Click, is the convention for identifying event handlers even though HTML is case insensitive. Event handlers include: onAbort onBlur onChange onClick onError onFocus onLoad onMouseOver onMouseOut onSelect onSubmit onUnload A good discussion of Event Handlers can be found in the book Practical JavaScript Programming by Reaz Hoque. The chapter on event handlers is on line.
JavaScript object on an HTML page or JavaServer Page that handles a browser event at run time.
An event handler is the code that is executed when an event occurs. Example of events could be a mouse click or a variable value being reached. An event handler could cause a new page to load.
a method or subroutine that executes when a certain event is raised
a PL/SQL procedure that encapsulates all of the code that acts upon an event
a routine registered by a client (or by a widget itself) which handles events of a particular type when they occur on that widget's window
a function that gets called when specific events occur
a method that is called when a particular event occurs
a method that performs custom actions in response to an event notification provided by the event of a class
an implementa tion corresponding to a given event signature - this naturally matches a programmer's view in which everything is a procedure
a procedure that the Xt event dispatcher calls when the application receives events of one or more types
a procedure that will be called to process a given event, based on the event class and event ID
A technique offered by computer languages and HTML that allows you to react to user input.
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a method that is bound to an event
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a part of a computer program created to tell the program how to act in response to a specific event (e
an object that is capable of processing the events sent to a window