Definitions for "Exception handler"
A system routine invoked automatically by the processor in any of a variety of exceptional circumstances. For example, the trap dispatcher is an exception handler that is called by the processor, to dispatch unimplemented A-line instructions.
a block of code prefaced by the keyword catch , the name of the exception to be handled, and a symbolic name for the exception's data, if any
an element that specifies a body to execute in case the specified exception occurs during the execution of the protected node
Used in subprocesses, a step in an application that allows the administrator to intervene manually if errors occur in the interaction between a parent and child process.
a description of action(s) that workflow runtime component(s), or possibly a workflow application, is going to perform in order to respond to the exception
Keywords:  gracefully, code, piece, deal, handle
a body of code designed to handle a particular exception or group of exceptions
a piece of code used to gracefully deal with the exception
a piece of code which will be called when an exception occurs
a particular type of procedure written for this purpose
a portion of program text specifying a response to the exception