Definitions for "Batch Processing"
The ACES batch system processes information overnight after an on-line day of data entry. See: ACES User Manual
Running a computer program without any interaction with the process as it goes along. Sometimes called background processing.
The form of data processing in which processing tasks are scheduled in a logical order.
A collection of credit card transactions saved for submitting at one time, usually each day. Merchants who do not have real-time verification systems must submit their credit card transactions manually through a POS terminal (Point Of Sale). Batch fees are charged to encourage a merchant to submit his or her credit card transactions at one time, rather than throughout the day.
A system where jobs are usuallu submitted and run as batches, eg few at a time.
The scheduling of a series of tasks to be completed; for example, a series of print job orders are received and carried out in a prioritized order.
The performing of a group of computer tasks at the same time.
Conducting a group of computer tasks at one time, instead of throughout the day.
Single step procedure by which all training data are corrected before updating parameters
Automated cleaning of an existing address database to complete partial addresses and correct incorrect records.
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Brand awareness Business cycles
A method of operating a computer so that a single program or set of related programs must be completed before the next type of program is begun.
Information that is collected or generated at some predetermined time interval and can be accessed via hard copy or on-line devices.
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Making a lot of cookies at once.
The method adopted when the required product volumes do not allow continuous production of one product on particular machines.
carrying out the same actions on more than one document as a result of a single command