Definitions for "Antibiotic resistance"
Resistance mechanisms to antibiotics exist that render cells "immune" to the antibiotic; the genes for these characteristics are found in certain organisms. The genes are used in some genetic engineering experiments as tools to identify cells that have received new DNA.
Occurs when bacteria or other microbes that cause disease evolve into forms that can no longer be killed by antibiotics. It is the reason people are not given antibiotics as readily as in the past.
Antibiotics are used in medicine due to their capability of inhibiting or neutralising alien agents that enter the human body. Antibiotics are naturally produced by organisms as a means of defense and hence survival. Through natural selection, organisms that fall prey to antibiotics begin to develop a resistance, and the effects of the antibiotics diminish over time until the organisms are immune to its effect.
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a major problem worldwide and there is an urgent need for new antibiotics to be developed