Definitions for "Antiseptic"
Counteracting or preventing putrefaction, or a putrescent tendency in the system; antiputrefactive.
a substance which kills or retards the growth of microorganisms, especially when used for protection against infection; a substance which prevents or retards putrefaction, or destroys, or protects from, putrefactive organisms; as, carbolic acid, alcohol, cinchona, and many other agents sold commercially.
Chemicals used to destroy bacteria and prevent infection
thoroughly clean and free of or destructive to disease-causing organisms; "doctors in antiseptic green coats"; "the antiseptic effect of alcohol"; "it is said that marjoram has antiseptic qualities"
clean and honest; "antiseptic financial practices"
(extended sense) of exceptionally clean language; "lyrics as antiseptic as Sunday School"
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Hoarseness Receptor
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Hematology Proxy
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API Aseptic Processing
a medicine that aims at stopping purtification.
An infection-fighting herb, medication, or other substance.
Helps control infection.
A substance helping to control infection
freeing from error or corruption; "the antiseptic effect of sturdy criticism"
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agent used to produce asepsis and to remove pus, blood, etc.
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A chemical used to disinfect the skin.