Definitions for "AOD"
A refining treatment used to control the carbon content of steel.
See Argon Oxygen Decarburization
Abbreviation for Argon Oxygen Decarburization.
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Acusto-optic deflector An AOD (Acousto-Optic Deflector) is used to create a sweep of the exposure laser beams in the Micronic laser pattern generators.
Advanced Optical Disc, a new format being proposed by Toshiba and NEC as the next generation DVD. AOD discs would use a blue laser to read them and can hold 15 GB of data per side on a pre-recorded disc, but 20 GB on a re-writable version. The DVD Forum is studying both AOD and Blu-ray as contenders for a new HD-DVD format.
Aerosol Optical Depth
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Above Ordnance Datum. Land levels are measured relative to the average sea level at Newlyn, Cornwall. This average level is referred to as 'Ordnance Datum'
Above Ordnance Datum, similar to height above sea level
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ayuda oficial al desarrollo
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udio emand All the major lables are working on AOD solutions where a certain fee is charged to download a music file. The secure music formats which are necessary to put AOD in action are - inspite of AAC - not released.
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The Analysis Object Data, which consists of a reduced size output of physics quantities from the reconstruction that should suffice for most kinds of analysis work. Separate tailor-made streams of AOD s are foreseen for different needs of the physics community. For more information, see the AOD/ESD Definition Task Force. See Also ESD, RDO, ZeeRec.
Automatic OverDrive transmission. Refers to the 4-Speed Automatic available in 1986+ 5.0L Mustangs.
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See CoD.
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Alleged Onset Date. An applicant's opinion of the date he or she became unable to work. It is the starting point for the determination of the Established Onset Date (see below). For more information, see the Onset of Disability - SSI/DI topic.
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administrative officer on duty
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Alcohol and Other Drugs
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Audio on demand