Definitions for "Aureole"
Keywords:  halo, glory, eclipse, saint, outermost
A celestial crown or accidental glory added to the bliss of heaven, as a reward to those (as virgins, martyrs, preachers, etc.) who have overcome the world, the flesh, and the devil.
The circle of rays, or halo of light, with which painters surround the figure and represent the glory of Christ, saints, and others held in special reverence.
A halo, actual or figurative.
Keywords:  areola, see
See Areola, 2.
a zone surrounding an igneous intrusion in which contact metamorphism of the "country rock" has taken place. The rock in the aureole often becomes more brittle than and changes color slightly from the original rock.
a group of the neurological symptoms, generally the disturbances of the vision, that serve like danger signal