Definitions for "Backward Pawn"
Keywords:  pawn, chess, diagram, behind, comrades
A pawn that has fallen behind its comrades, and thus no longer can be supported or guarded by other pawns of its own persuasion. In the diagram Black has backward pawns at d6 and f7. The pawns on h6 and b7 are not backward because they can safely advance.
A pawn which, though not ISOLATED, has no pawn of the same colour on an adjacent FILE either on the same RANK or behind it. If this pawn is on a HALF-OPEN FILE and cannot advance it can become a target of attack. Place a White Pawn on e4 and Black Pawns on d6 and e5. If there if no Black c-pawn on the board, or if it on, say, c5, the Black d-pawn is BACKWARD.
A pawn that has lagged behind and cannot be protected by other pawns. Usually considered a weakness. ( Diagram)