Definitions for "Berne Convention"
officially titled, "The International Union for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works," the 1886 treaty, signed by many nations in Berne, Switzerland, granted distinct economic and attribution rights for works of art and literature. The treaty was updated numerous times. The US added its signature to the treaty in 1989.
The 1886 international convention (amended several times) which sets out substantive rules for the protection of copyright at national level.(FR:Convention de Berne, IT:Convenzione di Berna , DE:Berner Übereinkunft)
Formally known as the Berne Convention for the International Protection of Copyrights. Signed in 1886 and revised in 1971, the Convention requires national treatment in the protection of intellectual property rights by signatory countries. The Berne Convention specifies rights of authors in more detail than the Universal Copyright Convention (UCC ), and its minimum term of protection is longer than under the UCC. See also Paris Convention. Not to be confused with the Berne Union (Sec. Ill).
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