Definitions for "Signatory"
Signing; joining or sharing in a signature; as, signatory powers.
A signer; one who signs or subscribes; as, a conference of signatories.
an investor who has joined with other investors to add their name to the CDP documents, thereby requesting the information from the sample companies
someone who signs and is bound by a document
an organization or individual who has formally agreed to our mission, goals and programs by signing a Memorandum of Understanding
An employer who has agreed to produce under the terms of a union contract.
a studio or company that is officially a member of the Screen Actors Guild or
a person who officially signs a banknote, although in modern times we find that most national banknotes have facsimile printed signatures rather than handwritten signatures of the signatories
A signatory is a business or individual who is authorized by the American Federation of Musicians to act as an employer of musicians. In certain A. F. of M. contracts and agreements such as the Assumption Agreement, the signatory becomes legally responsible for possible future payments to the musicians.
the individual authorized by the union to sign checks
Person authorised to use and sign on an account
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Relating to a seal; used in sealing.
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a person that has signed a document, e.g. a contract