Definitions for "Multilateral Agreement on Investment"
An agreement to liberalize rules on international direct investment that was negotiated in the OECD but never completed or adopted because of adverse public reaction to it. Preliminary text of the agreement was leaked to the Internet in April 1997, where many groups opposed it. Negotiations were discontinued in Novemer 1998.
( MAI) A proposed agreement on investment negotiated between OECD countries with the aim of facilitating unrestricted capital investment flows between member countries. The proposed agreement which was supposed to take effect in 1998 has now been shelved but proposals are underfoot to incorporate the agreement into the WTO (see WTO) agreement.
a proposed agreement that would establish standards for foreign investment. Negotiations have not yet resulted in a signed agreement and it has been suggested that a great deal more work must be done before the MAI can be ratified. If negotiations continue, they may be overseen by the World Trade Organization.