Definitions for "Best Friend"
Keywords:  forgot, sister, destiny, sibling, lord
a sibling the lord forgot to give us
a sister destiny forgot to give you
a sister that god forgot to relate you to
the one friend who is closest to you
a friend to whom one feels closest the
a person who is much more than an ordinary friend
a gift, and TJ and David have found the best of gifts in each other
a 'gift' our treasures
a gift to cherish forever
Keywords:  who'll, darkest, never, guy, tell
a guy who'll help you move a body
an appointed position by someone because they trust you
a person whom you can always depend on, And from your side they will never run
Keywords:  lifeline, comfort, rock
a comfort, a rock, a lifeline
Keywords:  locket, heart, close
a locket kept so close to my heart
Keywords:  lover, great, start, place
a best lover so it is a great place to start