Definitions for "sibling"
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a brother or sister.
a sister or brother
A node in a tree that is descended from the same immediate ancestor(s) as other processes or nodes. The node may represent any data structure, or a system object such as a window or a process.
Windows that have the same parent window.
The siblings of a given peak have the same topographic parent. It is a useful term for discussing whether or not a higher peak is the parent or merely a sibling. For example, when talking about the prominence of Diamond Head, Atwell Peak is just a sibling, not the parent peak. The parent is Mount Garibaldi, becuase unlike Atwell, it has a contour line that surrounds Diamond Head.
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an element occurring at the same level in the tree
In an XML structure, an element at the same level as another.
A child member at the same branch level.
An orchid that is related to another orchid by virtue of having been produced from the same seedpod.
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of or pertaining to a sibling, n.; as, sibling rivalry: the common rivalry between siblings.
a cache that your proxy, when it receives a request for a URL, sends a query to to see if it has a copy of it
a copy of the same resource within the Sitestructure and can be placed and moved anywhere you would like
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a traveler who stays with you throughout life
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a great thing though
Objects of the same class are called siblings. Siblings are allowed to access the private elements of other siblings.