Definitions for "BIDI"
Keywords:  cigarette, tobacco, tendu, india, leaf
a crude kind of cigarette made with tobacco rolled in a special kind of leaf, tied with a bit of twine whose color often serves to identify brand or grade. There is, of course, no filter. "It's a woman thing" too, among the economically backward.
Tobacco rolled in a leaf. Pl. bidis. Alt. Beedi
a flavored cigarette from India
Languages with Biirectional scripts such as Arabic and Hebrew whose general flow of text proceeds horizontally from right to left, but in which numbers, English, and other left-to-right language text are written from left to right. Case weight: In cultural sorting, the weight value because of case, subscripting, superscripting, fractions, and other factors. For example, the lowercase a sorts before the uppercase A, and middle Arabic shapes sort before final Arabic shapes. See also alphanumeric weight, diacritical weight, indifferent weight, mark weight, and special weight.
Bi-di is short for bi-directional, which means a combination of left-to-right ( LTR) and right-to-left ( RTL) writing in the same document. LTR writing systems include Latin, Russian, and Greek alphabets, and Hindu/Arabic numerals. RTL includes Arabic and Hebrew alphabets in texts without Hindu/Arabic numerals. The Unicode standard includes an algorithm for bidi rendering, which is required for Unicode conformance. In informal use among habitual LTR users, the term bidi includes unmixed, unidirectional RTL writing.
Internationalization industry jargon. Abbreviation for bidirectional text.
Abbreviation for bidirectional transceiver, a device that sends information in one direction and receives information from the opposite direction.
Board of Infrastructure Development and Investment
Bureau of Infrastructure Development for Industries