Definitions for "Lentil"
Keywords:  masoor, pea, legume, edible, seed
A leguminous plant of the genus Ervum (Ervum Lens), of small size, common in the fields in Europe. Also, its seed, which is used for food on the continent.
round flat seed of the lentil plant
the fruit or seed of a lentil plant
Keywords:  culimaris, masur
Lens culimaris Masur
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One of the most ancient of food crops, their botanical...
Keywords:  nutrition, bean, packed, power, small
a small bean that is power packed with nutrition
Keywords:  strata, mass, rock, shaped, occurring
Lentil - A lens-shaped mass of rock occurring within the strata of some different material.
Keywords:  gates, beam, exposed, doors, windows
Exposed beam above windows, doors, or gates.