Definitions for "mimosa"
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A genus of leguminous plants, containing many species, and including the sensitive plants (Mimosa sensitiva, and Mimosa pudica).
These yellow flowers from the acacia (wattle) tree have been used in baking for centuries. They are used in the production of liqueurs and the flowers are candied as decorations on cakes and pastries.
evergreen Australasian tree having white or silvery bark and young leaves and yellow flowers
a mixed drink containing champagne and orange juice
a nice beverage to serve on an anniversary
a part of a complete nutritious eggs Benedict breakfast because two-thirds of the vitamin C in an eggs Benedict recipe comes from the lemon juice in the hollandaise, and that's still too little
The Mimosa was a clipper ship which sailed from Liverpool, England on May 28 1865 to Patagonia, South America with a group of about 150 Welsh settlers. They landed on July 28 1865 and named their landing site Porth Madryn. Edwyn Roberts and Lewis Jones had already arrived in Patagonia in June 1865 to prepare for the arrival of the main body of settlers.
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Mimosa is a 1999 compilation album released by the Fun Lovin' Criminals. The album is a collection of rarities, b-sides, remixes, and covers. It features some notable lounge music versions of old FLC songs.
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Mimosa was a science fiction fanzine edited by Richard Lynch and Nicki Lynch. It won six Hugo Awards for Best Fanzine (in 1992, 1993, 1994, 1997, 1998, and 2003) and was nominated a total of 14 times (1991-2004). Published from 1982 until 2003, Mimosa focused on discussions of the history and impact of science fiction fandom.
Mimosa is a meta-modelling and simulation platform. Its aim is to provide the means to specify any kind of modelling and simulation formalisms and to compose and run any models written in these formalisms.
Mimosa was a 1920s United Kingdom record label which issued small (5½ - 6 inch) gramophone records aimed primarily at children.
Acronym for Machinery Information Management Open Systems Alliance, the organization that develops the exchange of equipment lifetime condition and maintenance data.
Anti-depressant and anti-inflammatory. Used as part of a skin moisturising regime.