Definitions for "Soybean"
Keywords:  glycine, legume, forage, soya, max
An Asiatic leguminous herb (Glycine max, formerly Glycine Soja) the seeds of which (also called soy beans) are used in preparing the sauce called soy. Called also soya bean and soya.
the seeds of the Glycine max, which produce soybean oil; -- called also soya bean.
A bushy, leguminous plant. Of the Old World, grown in the U.S. chiefly for forage and soil improvement. The seed of this plant is used, used for food, as a livestock feed, and for a variety of other commercial uses.
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Soybean Genetics Committee. Rules for genetic symbols. Soybean Genet Newsl. 1996;23:19-23.
most highly proteinaceous vegetable crop known