Definitions for "BIODEGRADATION"
The breakdown or organic matter by microorganisms.
the breaking down of a chemical by organisms in the environment. Is the process of converting organic materials back into CO2 and H2O though miocrobial action.
Conversion or breakdown of the chemical structure of a pesticide catalysed by enzymes in vitro or in vivo, resulting in loss of biological activity. For hazard assessment, categories of chemical degradation include: Primary - loss of specific activity. Environmentally acceptable - loss of any undesirable activity (including any toxic metabolites). Ultimate - mineralisation to small molecules such as water and carbon dioxide. (after Duffus, 1993)
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Hydrolysis Pulmonary
The degree to which a material is resistant to enzymatic and microbiological attack or provides a substrate for fungal or bacterial growth.
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Invasive Registries
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Immunity Regeneration