Definitions for "bioreactor"
an apparatus in which a suspension of microorganisms in a liquid are used to perform chemical reactions, as in synthesis of pharmaceutical agents or the conversion of harmful waste to less harmful substances. The reactor consists of a vessel to contain the suspension of microorganisms, plus a variety of attached devices used to control the reaction.
A container used for fermentation or enzymatic reactions. Bioreactors vary in size from benchtop fermentors to standalone units.
Vessel or container in which a biological reaction occurs. Often used in manufacturing efforts to produce pharmaceuticals.
A controlled artificial environment designed to promote life processes; often associated with culturing associated with tissue engineered systems.
An advanced tissue culturing apparatus
a key element of cardiovascular tissue engineering technologies
a name given to an enclosed composting vessel
a name given to an enclosed container specifically for composting
Breakdown of waste materials using anaerobic digestion processes that are accelerated by the addition and recirculation of moisture
"A tanklike production device designed for amplification of a virus."
a fixed film media treatment system for the biodegradation of hydrocarbons
a horizontally rotating cylinder (e