Definitions for "Booming"
Rushing with violence; swelling with a hollow sound; making a hollow sound or note; roaring; resounding.
The act of producing a hollow or roaring sound; a violent rushing with heavy roar; as, the booming of the sea; a deep, hollow sound; as, the booming of bitterns.
Economic RTS strategy, often seen in Age of Empires style games or Rise of Nation circles; also known as Powering in Blizzard game communities. Booming emphasises economic expansion and research (a.k.a "teching up") in preference to a large early force in the game. The objective is to a win by out-producing and out-teching your opponents with bigger and better equipped forces. They weaken short term defence for a superior long term economy which translates into a more advanced and powerful military. Booming players can find themselves vulnerable to early raids and rushes (depending on the game), but the payoff can be huge.
Camera moves above or below subject with the aid of a balanced "boom arm", creating sense of floating into or out of a scene. Can combine the effects of a pan tilt and pedestal camera move on one fluid movement.
The process of containing a spilled material on waterways, especially those that float on the surface of water, such as oil.
Advancing or increasing amid noisy excitement; as, booming prices; booming popularity.
The application of a boom to the sails. When a ship is said to come booming toward us, it signifies that she comes with all the sail she can make.
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