Definitions for "Bot "
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Bot is an irc Bot with lots of features ranging from interaction with the users, interaction with software in the bot's computer, etc.
A bot is a non-human-player that is controlled by a computer.
A program that looks superficially like a MUD user; they do useful (and not-so-useful) stuff. Major bots include Alex, Markov and Floyd.
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The Bot (also called Ubosoth) is the ordination hall of a Wat. It is the place where new monks take their vows. You can recognize a building as a Bot by the six boundary stones (Bai Sema) that define the limits of its sanctuary. Bots are usually open only to the monks. Inside are always an altar and one or several Buddha images.
Binary Synchronous Communication (BSC) over TCP/IP, a Bay Networks router feature.
Bank of Thailand. Thailand's central bank sets monetary policy, supervises financial institutions, and recommends economic policy. BOT also acts as government banker and banker to financial institutions, manages international reserves, and prints and issues bank notes.
See Bank of Thailand.
A computer controlled player that has its own AI.
Refers to a computer controlled character, usually in a first-person shooting game.
AI or computer player
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In tape storage systems, the point at the start of the tape in a cartridge. Tape cartridge load times are often measured in terms of the time to BOT.
Beginning of Tape. Designated by a specific mark, hole or logical means.
Beginning of Tape: Same as BOM.
A process used in several Asia/Pacific countries that allows foreign companies to build a telecommunications network in the country, operate it for a period and then transfer ownership to the government.
Build Operate Transfer. The private sector finances, builds and operates a new infrastructure facility or system according to Government performance standards. The operations period is long enough to allow the private company to pay off the construction costs and realise a profit, typically 10 to 20 years. The government retains ownership of the infrastructure and becomes both the customer and the regulator of the service.
Build, Operate, Transfer. A type of contract where a company builds something (for example a marine terminal), operates it for a certain period of time, and then transfers ownership to another party (usually a government body).
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Myst: The Book of Ti'ana (a novel)
Under Anglo-Saxon law, the restitution paid for killing someone in an open fight.
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See "Zombie"
Any code-based automation which removes the worker's input in completing work on HITs is considered a bot. Bots go beyond the impact of scripts and generally attempt to exploit weaknesses in the MTurk interface to profit the bot's creator, without the creator needing to actually perform HITs him/herself. Bots are banned from MTurk and will lead a worker to have his/her account banned. Don't use them, ever.
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Bottom, at the bottom of the reactor, tank, vessel, or fermenter. nLPM normal Liters Per Minute
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Baker Oil Tools
Shorthand for bought. Antithesis of SL, meaning sold.
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A second character on another account brought along merely to buff or heal.
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Son. Usually seen as Bot', "sons of-."
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burst on target
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botfly larva; typically develops inside the body of a horse or sheep or human
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Script that rolls the dice via user typed commands when playing online.
Board of Trustees IT Information Technology
Abbreviation for the Board of Trustees.
Block Ordered Texture, a rendering caching method that reduces the RAM memory needed for texture files.
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Back on topic...
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Balance of trade.
Board Of Trade
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BOT can stand for
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See agent.
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See Bots.