Definitions for "Travan"
High capacity minicartridge technology developed by Imation Corporation (formerly a division of 3M Company).
A tape technology that evolved out of the industry-standard QIC. Travan delivers more capacity than previous QIC formats. With capacities ranging from 400MB to 20GB, Travan formats are best for backing up individual machines or small servers.
Tape technology, based on linear recording, with capacity points from 8-40 Gbytes, represents an efficient cartridge and drive design that reduces tape stress, ensures data integrity and increases drive and cartridge reliability. Travan mechanisms are known to be very reliable at a cost-effective price point and are the perfect choice for PCs, workstations and entry-level server environments. Seagate offers bare Travan drives called Hornet Travan and bundled solutions called TapeStor Travan.