Definitions for "BRC"
A postage paid postcard that is pre-addressed back to the sender.
Bind-in reply card.
Business Reply Cards
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Brazilian Cruzeiro
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( abbreviation) asic ider's ourse.
The Basic RiderCourse is a 14- to 15-hour program developed by MSF and aimed at beginning riders of all ages. It provides classroom and actual motorcycle operator training in a controlled, off-street environment. Motorcycles and helmets are usually included in the course fee.
Base-Recovery Course
Best of the national rally championship series, the british rally championship is open (ie. participants need not be british citizens) championship.
British Retail Consortium
Remote control for the ADAT recorders. It stands for big remote control, really! Layers Provide independent control over each element. In Photoshop, layers can be stacked on top of each other and altered without affecting other layers.
Blue Ribbon Coalition - Suggest an Addition
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bottom right corner
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Black Rock City