Definitions for "Caddie"
Keywords:  golfer, golf, club, advice, cadet
A cadet.
An attendant who carries a golf player's clubs, tees his ball, etc.
A person who carries clubs for a golfer, gives a golfer advice with club selection and course strategy.
Keywords:  errand, porter, scotch, messenger, odd
One who does errands or other odd jobs.
A Scotch errand boy, porter, or messenger.
Keywords:  bobby, puppy, pedestal, trolley, mobile
mobile pedestal unit for personal storage (also known as a puppy or a bobby trolley).
Caddie is an Australian film, directed by Donald Crombie, released in 1976, and belonging to the Australian film renaissance which occurred during that decade.
Keywords:  lad, fellow, young
A lad; young fellow.