Definitions for "Cellulose Acetate"
an ester of acetic acid; used in fibers and fabrics; photographic films and varnishes
Obtained by the action of acetic anhydride on cellulose, usually cotton, in the presence of glacial acetic acid. It forms the basis of the non-inflammable celluloids, commonly known as "safety film." Films prepared with it fuse and char, but will not burn. (Jones, 96) When it deteriorates acetic acid is produced, a process that once started can be slowed but not stopped. Deteriorating film should be segregated from the collection and placed into cool, dry storage and plans made to have it reformatted onto polyester.
a tough thermoplastic made from CELLULOSE in the form of cotton lintyers, treated with acetic acid and acetic anhydride. Previously used as aircraft dope during WWI, now used for many domestic mouldings such as toothbrush handles & packaging film.