Definitions for "Chatter"
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To talk idly, carelessly, or with undue rapidity; to jabber; to prate.
To make a noise by rapid collisions.
Sounds like those of a magpie or monkey; idle talk; rapid, thoughtless talk; jabber; prattle.
The undesired intermittent closure of open contacts or opening of closed contacts. It may occur either when the reed contact is operated, released or when subjected to external shock or vibration.
Unacceptable surface finish produced on drum or rotor. Usually has a herringbone appearance. Possible causes: spindle speed too high, no silencer used, workpiece not mounted rigid enough. A high-pitch, chattering sound will be produced during cut.
Alpine term for when the snowboard vibrates too much, often during high speeds and through turns.
A surface defect consisting of alternating ridges and valleys at right angles to the direction of extrusion.
The sawtooth pattern along a cut line on artwork patterns caused by an uneven blade application while scribing the line cut.
A visible "wavy" condition across the surface width of a panel created when the panel is sanded. Chatter marks are parallel to one another, usually between 1/4" and 1/2" apart, and perpendicular to the sanding direction.
To utter sounds which somewhat resemble language, but are inarticulate and indistinct.
To utter rapidly, idly, or indistinctly.
speak (about unimportant matters) rapidly and incessantly
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Peculiar vocalizing traditionally used by players and fans to distract opponents or simply to amuse themselves. The most often heard example is "Hey batter, batter, swing batter!". It is also used to encourage the favored team with such phrases as "Good eye, baby. Ducks on the pond."
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See: Whipsawed
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ASL Browser
cut unevenly with a chattering tool
Surfaces that are rough or otherwise unsatisfactory, caused by a slight jumping of the tool away from the work or the other way around.
Chatter is a term used in the United States "war on terror". Intelligence officials, not having better metrics, monitor the volume of the electronic communication, to or from suspected terrorists, to determine whether there is cause for alarm. They referred to the electronic communication as chatter.
Usually refers to a small, but noticeable cluster of ticks on a coin. Sometimes the term is otherwise used to describe the vibratory movement of a die which produces minor double-striking.
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Chatter is an IP chat program written in Delphi
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Cheapest to deliver issue Check
cheat check
click repeatedly or uncontrollably; "Chattering teeth"
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a small device that has many different uses