Definitions for "checkout"
the latest time for vacating a hotel room without being charged for extra time; as, the checkout here is 12 noon.
Pulls a module from the repository to your workspace. When using CVS, this should only be done the first time. After that, files can be synchronized by updating them.
a special kind of copy of the repository files
A counter in a supermarket or other retail store where one pays for one's purchases.
a counter in a supermarket where you pay for your purchases
The point where customers declare and pay for their goods
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To borrow books from the library. Books can be checked out at the circulation service desk.
The process of borrowing materials to use outside the library. This is done at the Circulation desk. A student or FPS ID is required. Also frequently called circ, the place on the first floor of the Library where you check out library materials.
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Lets you as the buyer pay for the deposit on a vehicle quickly and easily through the Pay Pal system or even by major credit card if the seller offers that method. Note: Vehicles with a value of over $20,000 must use Online-Auto-Auction's Escrow service in order to complete the transaction.
Buyer completed Checkout Buyer has not completed Checkout.
Surveys, measurements, observations to document completed practice complies with approved plans. Includes job sheets, photos and job diaries. Material certifications, weigh tickets, etc. that document installation. AS BUILT plans, where appropriate. Certificates of completion, acceptance letters or other necessary approvals from regulatory authorities.
an operation which is performed when a file in the source archive must be modified
An operation that occurs when a file in the source archive must be modified. Checking out a file in most Version Control Systems* locks* it, and prevents other people from checking the file out. In most Version Control Systems* , a file cannot be examined unless checked out. In these types of systems, a special read-only checkout is done. This type of checkout allows other users to checkout the file and modify it.
the act of inspecting or verifying; "they made a check of their equipment"; "the pilot ran through the check-out procedure"
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The final turn of throwing darts in a leg.
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a working tree that points elsewhere for its RCS data
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