Definitions for "CoC"
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Centro Operativo di Controllo
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hain- ustody
Certificate of Coverage. nbspThe summary of the terms of your benefits.
Certificate of Conformity. A document which confirms that the product shipped to the customer complies with a specific set of requirements or specifications. It does not contain actual test results.
Certificate of Compliance. Formal recognition that an item is approved for addition to the Qualified Parts List and conforms to military regulations.
Committee on Carcinogenicity (GBR)
ESO Committee of Council
Council of Counsels [University Attorneys
Contaminant of Concern
Chemical of concern
Constituent of Concern
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A slide-in camper installed in a pickup bed, where the front of the camper extends over the pickup cab.
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Contest of Champions
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Chattanooga Office Complex
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A process in which unpackaged integrated circuits are mounted on top of each other. Each die is very thin and it is possible to have over a hundred die forming a 3D cube.
Chamber of Commerce, county-level organizations for economic development
Chamber of Commerce (many)
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Clerk of Courts
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Cleveland Open Cup: a flash point test method.
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Chain of Custody
Commission on Colleges of SACS (Southern Association of Colleges and Schools)
Carriers Owned Containers. The containers used for the transportation of cargoes belonging to the property of the carriers.
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Combined oral contraceptive
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Customs Owner Code
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See Connection Control.