Definitions for "Codebase"
Keywords:  applet, mainboss, netlet, jini, foxpro
a location information (for instance, URL), specifying, where the missing parts of the object code can be downloaded
A collection of Jar files containing all the netlet's classes.
Software that accesses database files in FoxPro format. The original version of MainBoss used Codebase software. The current version uses a heavily modified form of Codebase.
Keywords:  mud, merc, xerces, standalone, cvs
Generally, a standalone CVS module for a particular package. For example, the sources for the Xerces-C and Xerces-J packages represent separate codebases. Some projects involve only a single codebase, while others have several.
a basic package for starting a MUD
The common term for the standardized code distributions of various types of mud. When one refers to the Merc codebase, one means servers based on the publicly released version of the source code.
a terrific product and is working flawlessly in my application